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29 October 2007 @ 10:11 pm
Misc. Post.  
Thanks to absolutewolf (who has a username ten times cooler than mine), I was reminded that this place was here. So I thought I'd post some misc. stuff. Partially because I'm procrastinating, partially because I want to gush, and partially because everyone here is awesome.

1) I'm in love <333 And he's amazing
2) I have a car now <333 And she's adorable (though she needs some love to get her road-worthy).
3) I'm in love <3333333 And he's wonderful
4) I'm finally starting to write new poems that I like <333
5) Did I mention I'm in love? <33333333333333

Some poems I've done lately. (Okay, so it isn't completely different - Its #4 straight out. But Monty Python references make everything better.)


Photograph Of Us (Version 2.0)
A crystal-clear digital photo
Brightly lit in a digital frame.
Two lovers, friends, soulmates
Holding each other close
Smiling ear to ear
Eyes lit with love

(Powered by sunlight, moonlight, its own light,
The batteries will never fade or die.

Formed and reinforced from the strongest metal,
The frame will never bend or crack.

Designed by the most advanced technology,
The screen will never burn out or break.

Protected by the very best anti-virus software,
The file will never be corrupted or deleted.)

This picture, this love, will never die.

(We aren't technically 'lovers' yet. But I liked how it sounded. And I know we will be, someday =) <333 )


Wild Woman
The thunder crashes.
She dances in the downpour:
One with wilderness.

(Inspired by my little sister. As she likes to dance in the rain.)

Golden World
Imagine how the world would be
if every stone were made of gold.
There'd be no starving beggar folk;
There'd be not one neglected soul.

The streets would reflect tinted skies
In brilliant shining amber hues.
By walking down a gravel road
You could find cash for all your dues.

The beauty, if the world were gold
would be nearly enough to blind:
No Heaven realm could match the sights
that on our golden Earth you'd find...

Except for this angelic lass,
Who would gold earth's beauty surpass.

(Not written about anyone in particular. I was just in the mood for a sonnet.)


Up in the attic:
Old finger-painted portraits
on faded pages.


Well, that's enough from me. Toodles, all! <33333
Current Mood: amusedamused
absolutewolf on October 30th, 2007 04:06 am (UTC)
=D Im happy someone posted