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twilight_riot's Journal

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twilight * riot

for those who dance and sing in public. for those who eat way too much chocolate. for those who draw on sidewalks with chalk and leave love letters in library books. for those who were never cool in school and have never quite felt like everyone else. for those who stay out at night and sleep through the day. for those who are only content in the midst of chaos. for those who take pictures of things that only they find gorgeous. for those who consider themselves creators. for those who trespass onto construction sites. for those who never quite grew up all the way. for those who make their own rules and their own roads. for those who wear faerie wings and jeans. for those who are perfectly content having tea parties by themselves. for those with their own philosophy. for those who are taking no part in their cracked antique life. for those who are not afraid to fight what they believe in. for those who are flawed if they're not free. for those who make their own fun. for those who feel at their loveliest on a swing. for those who feel infinite. for those who delight in sunlight and stop to pick flowers.

for dreamers, for painters and poets,
for dancers and singers and actors,
for love warriors and gypsies,
for hands and heads and hearts,
for those with soul power.

you're safe here.

maintainer: blackcassette

+ no drama. period. any rude comments, fight-picking, insults, or just plain disrespect will not be tolerated and WILL result in being banned from the community, end of story.
+ if you're posting more than one photo, please put the rest under an LJ cut. spare the friends pages clutter.
+ ads for other communities is okay, but only if it fits with the ideal of the community. no disgusting rating communities, no roleplay communities, etc. any of these will be deleted without warning.
+ introductions are lovely. introduce yourself, meet people with similar interests, show off your artwork/writing/everything.